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               About Us

Filmmakers. Storytellers. 
Cunning Folk Films derives its name from a branch of benign magical practitioners and folk healers who existed throughout Renaissance Europe. Their use of “white magic” and natural remedies, cured woes and ailments invisible to the naked eye. Like the Cunning Folk of the past, our work is suffused with a sense of magic and wonder. We can see motifs, patterns, and stories that might be otherwise hidden beneath the day to day rush of the world.
Cunning Folk Films uses this power to tell bold and artistic stories through a combination of creative expression, diverse experiences, and a collaborative on set environment. We believe that collaboration with diverse and passionate crews, business owners, nonprofits and artists, can build an enriched creative community, and a fair, equitable, and enjoyable culture both onset and off.

Whether you are in search of a vision, or just a plan to breathe life into your vision, call The Cunning Folk. We can make the imaginary real.
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