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We have been fortunate during our short life span as a company to have worked with so many immensely talented and creative individuals without whom many of our projects wouldn't have been possible. This is our page dedicated to them !

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John Zeller - director of photography: John is a jack of all trades tech genius who has worked with us since The Remedial.  Whether it's mapping out a sequence or capturing the mood of a fleeting moment,  John has been our go to guy for the perfect shot.


Kait Nykwest - Production Designer:  Whether it's an isolated Appalachian homestead or a childhood bedroom engulfed by the forest Kait is the talent and brains behind bringing whatever is in our heads to life. 


Ryan Rust - Firedance Productions:  One of Stephanie's first connections after returning back to Pittsburgh, Ryan has been an integral part of the team on many of CF's projects. Whether as Camera Operator, DP, or Color Grader, Ryan brings his good energy, creativity and problem solving  skills to every project.


Graham Donnelly - Sound designer: A talented sound designer / editor based in Bournemouth, UK, Graham has been an essential part of the CF post production team since Stephanie's early days at Film School.   With an ingenious knack for creating beautiful soundscapes from the unlikeliest of sources, the worlds of our films never truly come alive until Graham has made his mark. 


Casey Patterson - BTS Photographer: With her laid back demeanor Casey is  naturally at ease on a busy set.  Like a fly on the wall she is able to capture everything from the madness of the process to the most intimate of moments. 


Friendship Creative - : A Talented group of likeminded individuals, Friendship Creative frequently serves and advises as Visual Effects Supervisors and Co-Producers.

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